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What is this website?

This website allows you to search for typical weather conditions for any location on the globe, on every day of the year.

Why would you want to do that?

When planning holidays/vacations, most people focus on the quality of accommodation and the class of travel. But what about the weather? Is the hotel you are looking at a good deal, or is it just cheap because the weather at that time of year is terrible? Use this website to find out the best time to go and avoid holiday weather disappointment.

Isn't it obvious what the weather will be like?

For many locations, yes. New York will be hot in the summer. London will be cold and wet in February. But what about Borneo in June? Or north Vietnam in September? As people venture further afield on their holidays, accurate weather information becomes more valuable.

Why make this website?

The site was born out of the authors' frustration with having to sift through low quality climate tables in order to figure out "true" high and low seasons in far flung areas of Asia and Africa. The site is a proof of concept and is not being used for commercial purposes.

How to contact the authors?

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